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Babies Born On The Day Of The Hope Probe Are Astronauts Of the Future

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The astronauts of the future are here!

The mission of sending the Hope Probe to Mars orbit on February 9 kept everyone at the edge of their seats. After a seven month journey, the Hope Probe reached Mars orbit successfully.

While celebrations on Earth were at an all-time high, the astronauts of the future were being born

Welcome to the world little astronauts!

While the day was surely historical, memorable and monumental, the images of the babies in the blue astronaut suits will surely give you baby fever

The Dubai Media Office took to Twitter to share some posts of babies born on the historical day. The “Astronauts of the future, born on Feb 9, 2021 — the day the UAE made it to Mars,” captioned the beautiful photos of the newborn babies, wearing astronaut suits while in the incubator ward of a hospital in Dubai.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late founder of the UAE had a dream that the UAE would surpass the sky and reach Mars

Exploring the red planet will allow the UAE to gather data on the atmosphere and weather conditions.

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