Dubai Beaches Are Getting “Printed” With Special Messages To Raise Conservation Awareness


The Dubai Municipality is printing special messages on Dubai beaches everyday to remind the people that taking care of their environment is their responsibility

In a novel and creative campaign, municipality tractor machines with indented-rollers print out messages and pictures onto the sand.Turtles, seashells, crabs and messages including “Our environment, our responsibility” have been perfectly rolled out into the sand in both English and Arabic.

What a polite way of reminding happy beach-goers of their responsibility! If you are a frequent beach visitor, have you spotted one yet?

Talk about uber-unique pro-level of beach conservation. If you decided to head to the beach and saw a beautifully carved out message into the sand reminding you to be respectful of the environment, you’d definitely think twice before littering.

Just look at that perfect turtle, COME ON!

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Have a look at how Dubai beaches are printed with these environment-friendly messages:

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