Dubai Police Is Offering FREE Car Inspections This Summer To Reduce Accidents

Farah Makhlouf

It’s the summer time and a lot of people want to stay indoors, out of direct sunlight for as long as possible. You may even dread getting your car into the shops for a quick check-up or inspection service. But Dubai Police is making it worth your while

Dubai Police is offering free car inspection services until august 31 across the UAE

You can just any AutoPro location and get your car inspected for free!

Dubai Police is offering this service as part of the ‘Summer Without Accidents’ campagin

The inspection will cover a 10-point vehicle health check.

  1. Belts condition
  2. AC and air filter
  3. Windshield washer fluid
  4. Wiper blades condition
  5. Battery health
  6. Radiator hoses condition
  7. Tyres pressure condition
  8. Engine oil & coolant level
  9. Lights
  10. And fluid level

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