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The Community-Loved Sticky Rice Responded To A DM That Crossed A Line

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The Community-Loved Sticky Rice Responded To A DM That Crossed A Line

Sticky Rice is not just a popular Thai restaurant, it’s a community. The passing of Amena, also known as Mama, came as a shock and great grief to us all. She was the force and talented chef behind Sticky Rice.

May she rest in peace.

Sticky Rice received a DM from an unhappy customer who crossed the line


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Sticky Rice responded to the insensitive DM asking the customer not to bring up Mama when criticising the restaurant

Customer complaints and reviews are crucial for every restaurant but there’s a boundary that customers shouldn’t cross. Sticky Rice not only responded to the message, they also adding the messages to their Instagram feed.

The message was sent by a customer who said they love Sticky Rice but their latest order was “exceptionally bad.” The sender also said their lack of quality in food is due to the passing of Mama. Sticky Rice did not appreciate the mention of Mama to be in relation to a critique of the restaurant.

Not only did the sender send this DM, they called the restaurant to say the same thing. Sticky Rice responded to the recent events:

We don’t normally post up things like this, but we are a big part of the community here and think it’s important to speak about difficult things like this in particular to address and understand clear and obvious boundaries.

This message was sent to us recently that really upset our entire family when we read it. Not only did this person send this message but they also felt it was necessary to call us on the shop phone to say the exact same thing.

Can you imagine dealing with the recent tragic passing of your beloved mother and having to deal with a completely deluded stranger who is putting you on blast and thinks that they have the right to bring up your late mother into a conversation and tell you how important it is to preserve something that you lovingly helped your own mother build for over 15 years?

How does someone, who doesn’t personally know you, your story, your family, or your mother, feel like it’s remotely their place to say something so incredibly insensitive and think it’s totally okay?


What’s even crazier is that once you clearly point out how offensive it is, they still don’t see it and respond back in a totally predictable immature manner that one would expect from someone who would send you a message like that in the first place.

Our mother raised us to know right from wrong and this is as wrong as it gets.

Know your place.

Mama will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.

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