The Giant Chocolate Bars From Dubai Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Farah Makhlouf

You might have come across people reviewing intricately designed giant and stuffed chocolate bars all over the internet these days. They’re all reviewing the same chocolate bars from Dubai, specifically from a place called Fix Dessert Chocolatier.

These giant chocolate bars have been going viral, with videos racking up thousands of likes

They’re not like the regular chocolate bars you find at the candy store. They’re stuffed with exotic flavours like knafeh, latte, karak, pretzel and more unique combinations.


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foodies can only order from the website at 5pm sharp… but the chocolates sell out in a matter of minutes!

Everyone’s trying to get their hands on these chocolates. Bloggers have said it was a struggle to place the order and a long(ish) wait to have them delivered and that’s because they’re in such high demand. People from all over the world are having their Dubai friends buy it for them so they can also give it a try.

Other skilled cooks attempted to re-create the chocolate bars at home.

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