The Royal Family Saved A Resident’s Life Who Nearly Drowned

Farah Makhlouf

Freediving is nothing if not a skilful sport. It requires the diver to hold their breath underwater for as long as possible while using a spear to fish. They don’t use equipment to assist them with breathing and dive to extreme depths into the ocean.

Zarir Saifuddin is an avid freediver in the UAE and often combines it with spearfishing. One day he decided to take on spearfishing but had a near-death experience. He likes to catch 2 fish with 1 spear and he did it on the day of the accident. But once he shot the spear, the fish swam into a cave. He knew the risks he could face if he swam into the cave but he took his chances.

He swam in to retrieve the spear but it got caught in the rocks and he couldn’t pull it out. He decided to swim to the surface to catch his breath but upon reaching the top “the lights went out” and he lost consciousness, he told Lovin Dubai.

Diver Zarir recalled how the royal family saved his life

His friends instantly rushed him to the closest piece of land which is Moon Island. And that’s when a member of the Dubai royal family saw them and sent his personal doctor to save his life. The Dubai Police medical team arrived at the scene shortly after and airlifted him by helicopter to the hospital.

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