All Dubai Uni & School Staff Members Must Take A PCR Test Every Week

You read the title and go like ‘wow seems excessive’ but this new rule goes beyond just weekly PCR testing and there are exceptions. Schools and universities are vital to be kept COVID-19 free because you can imagine that domino effect.

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Effective Sunday April, 11, all staff members within the private education institutes in Dubai, must take a PCR test every week

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) stated that teachers and staff members at Dubai schools, universities, early learning centres, and training institutes must be tested for COVID-19 weekly. This goes for face-to-face and remote teaching.

The exception to this rule are for staff members who have already taken the vaccination (even just the first dose), those on holiday, and those who are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you fit the category, you don’t need to take the swab every 7 days. However, if you present symotoms of COVID-19, you must take a PCR test.

Eligible and unvaccinated school and uni staff members must take the PCR test every week

Those who are not eligible for the vaccines are pregnant women, nursing mothers, children below 18 years of age.

Among the group of people who are excluded are those with immunodeficiency diseases and those allergic to any vaccine. Therefore, those not eligible for the vaccine are exempt from taking the weekly PCR test. Students who are above 18 years of age, are also exempt.

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