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The UAE Is Using "One Of The Most Successful Global Treatments For COVID-19"

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The UAE Is Using “One Of The Most Successful Global Treatments For COVID-19”

Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi Acting chief executive officer Ambulatory healthcare services said:

Since the start of the pandemic the UAE prioritized health. To ensure everyone’s safety, UAE reinforced the health sector with qualified medical staff and established specialty hospitals in record time, effectively adopting the most modern health practices.

The new policies regarding the booster shots states that those who have been fully vaccinated can take the booster shot after 6 months of the second dose. Individuals who are at high risk can however take the booster shot 3 months after the second dose.

Vaccines are vital for the public safety and booster shots are available to those who are fully vaccinated

The UAE is among the first countries to obtain the Sotrovimab drug, which is considered “one of the most successful global treatments for COVID-19”

Tests of the drug revealed that it reduces the hospitalisation period by 20% and it was given to 13,000 people in the UAE. The drug can be used to treat adults, children above the age of 12, and individuals who are at high risk such as people with chronic illnesses, senior citizens and pregnant women.

The Sotovimab drug is made of a protein that targets the virus at an early stage. It prevents extreme complications and/or death. Studies have shown that the drug can prevent complications that result in deaths by 97%. It can also prevent hospitalisation by 99.5% and 99% of those who have taken it, recovered 14 days after taking the drug.

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