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Private Parties Are Being Hosted In Dubai With Invites Being Sent Out Via Instagram

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If you think you’ve read this article before, you haven’t, that was a different party that got busted yesterday! A yacht party was shut down and slapped with AED50,000 in fines for violating the new COVID-19 precautionary measures.

A party was hosted by a camp, who’s operator got served with a AED50,000 fine! Not only that, each attendee of the party also received a AED15,000 fine.

Individuals are now hosting private parties with invitations being sent out through Instagram

Parties of over 10 individuals are not permitted since the update in COVID-19 safety guidelines released February 2. You’d think that would stop them from trying right?

Some folks are itching for a party and began hosting in homes or hotels. DJ’s are also at these events providing the music. It seems as though anyone can be invited as long as they pay for the “package.”

A “Villa Party” was held yesterday on February 7 with a video posted today showing it was held in a hotel room in JVC

A “Penthouse Party” was also on the same individual’s story stating it will take place on, February 8.

It’s shameful to see people promoting these parties proudly while so many are sticking by the rules.

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