Bella Hadid Shared On Her Instagram Story A Moving Speech About Palestinians By Dubai Youtuber Haifa Beseisso


Renowned Youtuber, Haifa Beseisso (IG: @flywithhaifa), who initially gained popularity for her travel videos, was recently a part of a fundraiser for Gaza called ‘Medley for humanity’ held at the Palm Dubai. 

With the Keffiyeh tied on her head, Haifa shared a video of her speaking at the fundraiser about how “the people of Gaza woke up humanity”

In her moving speech, Haifa calls the people of Gaza her teachers. Haifa says that to her being a Gazawi meant being stubborn and eating spices. After having witnessed the power of Gazans, their strength and compassion, Haifa has learnt to keep her head held high.

She thanks the Gazans for teaching the world humanity and waking up the feel of home inside the generations of Palestinians worldwide who could not return to their homeland. 

The video of her speech garnered global attention, striking the hearts of Palestinians and non-Palestinians alike. It also hit home for Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid who was so moved by Haifa’s words that she shared the video to her story.

Watch her inspiring speech here:

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