A 10-Year-Old Just Nailed An Emirates Safety Demo And Won A Trip To Dubai For It


Sharing good news stories like this is the best part of the day.

Calum is a 10-year-old boy from Belfast who sent a video to Emirates, sharing his dream of joining a cabin crew training day.

But that’s not all… he went one step further and did a full demo of the safety demonstration, nearly word-for-word it sounds like!

A video shared by Emirates described him as a ‘warm and fun-loving kid who does not let autism get in the way of his love for Emirates’ as part of the ‘Emirates Love Stories’.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to point you to a safety demonstration onboard our flight”

Calum smashed it! And Emirates loved it so much they’re flying him to Dubai to see the world-class cabin crew training in person

“Hi everybody it’s me Calum and I would really like to be an Emirates Cabin Crew…’


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