We chat to Superstar DJ John Digweed


John Digweed has been a mainstay of the progressive house music scene for the last twenty years. He has toured with the likes of David Bowie, Moby, and Fatboy Slim, his Transitions, Bedrock and Structures records continue to excite and inspire new fans the world over. 

Lovin Dubai caught up with the British DJ before his set at Pacha Dubai tomorrow (Friday 11th March)… 

How do you describe what the EDM (electronic dance music) scene has become? 

“It’s incredible to see how big the electronic scene has become since its small beginnings – no one could have predicted that it would have grown into this global industry. The beauty of it is that it is constantly changing, with new artists coming into it and shaking the tree, and keeping me on my toes at the same time.”

Do you meet other DJ’s on the road like bands do at Summer Festivals?

“Sure, I am always bumping into other DJ’s at airports and parties around the world, It’s always nice to bump into a friendly face when you’re making connections.”  

Who are your DJ friends?  

“I have too many to mention! I am friends with pretty much all the guys I have worked with since the start, We all share a love of music and you never get tired of talking about tracks, remixes or clubs. It’s my life and I would not change it for the world.” 

We saw that Tiesto, Robin Shulz and Hardwell were here last week all enjoying the Dubai lifestyle, what will you get up to in your spare time here? 

“I like relaxing, and eating some of the great food that’s available here.”

What do you think makes nightclubs so special?

“People work hard and they need a release, going dancing allows people to lose themselves from work and everyday life for a few hours. You can’t beat the feeling of unity on the dance floor with like-minded people listening to a DJ who has you in his hands.” 

Would you prefer a resident slot in Brighton over a summer season headlining show in Ibiza?

“There is something special about Ibiza in the summer, people are on holiday and have saved up all year to party, that’s what makes the energy so special when you play there…so i think Ibiza gets my vote for the summer.”

Our editor still remembers seeing you and Fatboy Slim at the epic Big Beach Boutique 2 on Brighton Beach, it was about 13-years ago, is it still a highlight?

“That was an amazing gig and  no one expected that many people to come out that day (250,000) and it really was one of those never forget moments that I will remember forever. I don’t think I will ever play to a crowd that size again.” 


Your music is featured in an adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, are there any other movies that you would love to have done music for? 

“I would not want to attempt to try and make music for a film that I love and that has already got a great soundtrack to it, Nick and myself would prefer to get our hands on a new project and create something unique for that film.”

Many British DJ’s run popular shows on the radio here in Dubai, as you do in the UK. Would you ever see yourself living somewhere else other than the UK?

“Maybe in the future, at the moment the UK works best for me but let’s see what happens in the future.”

Quick-fire Questions:

  • Apple or Android: Apple
  • Spotify or Apple Music: Neither, until they start paying fairer royalties to the artists
  • Trump or Clinton: Pass
  • Pub or club? Club
  • Batman or Superman: Spiderman
  • Food: Japanese or Italian:  Japanese
  • Shoes or trainers: Trainers
  • Car or plane?  Bike

Details: Doors for the event at Pacha Dubai on Friday open at 10pm. 

Tickets available through Travel Wings (Early bird AED 125, standard AED 175), limited tickets available on the door. 

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