The Viral Popeyes Sandwich That Grabbed Headlines Everywhere Is NOT Sold Out In Dubai


YES! You heard right, America is going through a Popeyes chicken sandwich crisis.

Okay well not entirely but only one fast food joint in all of America seem to be out of their FAMOUS chicken sandwich concoction which is angering and upsetting meat-loving Americans everywhere.

Popeye’s which a fast food joint in America released their famous chicken sandwich earlier in August after a public twitter battle with Chick-fil-A.

Soon after their sandwiches became a nationwide craze and got completely SOLD OUT in less than two weeks because of the massive demand in their sandwiches.

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The fast-food joint then made headlines earlier in September when a man had threatened the Popeyes employees and had them at gunpoint when they told the customer that they were out of chicken sandwiches.

Brent Black went to investigate if the Popeyes in Dubai is also out of chicken sandwiches

To his surprise, Popeyes in Dubai were STILL selling their famous chicken sandwiches unlike in America and Brent was quick to give all Americans a simple solution to their chicken crisis.

The pumped Virgin Radio RJ literally made all his followers drool with his EXTRA show of affection towards his sandwich and we could not stop loling!

Brent solving 1st world problems in a snap

Along the lines of what went down in Houston on September 3… minus the gun

Ohh Americans and their chicken sandwiches, a classic love story

Will America suffer the loss of Popeyes chicken sandwiches temporarily… permanently…? Only time will tell folks

Meanwhile, Brent Black holding up his sandwich in the face of the world like…

Although, Popeyes did promise that they’ll be back with more soon.

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