A Missing Grade 7 Boy Was Found Safely In Less Than 8 Hours

A Missing Grade 7 Boy Was Found Safely In Less Than 8 Hours

Dubai’s community breathed a collective sigh of relief as the missing Grade 7 student, who had been the focus of a search operation since yesterday afternoon, was safely located past midnight. The family extended warm thanks to Dubai Police and the community for their tremendous support, highlighting the secure and caring environment in Dubai.

Yesterday, social media played a crucial role in helping locate the missing boy

The power of social media came into play when posts about the missing boy went viral, sparking a widespread effort across various platforms. Concerned individuals hopped on WhatsApp, engaged in Facebook groups, and flooded Lovin Dubai’s direct messages, creating a collective force in the search for the young boy. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the boy’s aunt took a proactive step and recorded a heartfelt voice note, explaining the circumstances and urgently appealing for assistance.

The community demonstrated remarkable solidarity, with residents from the neighborhood and beyond actively participating in the search. They tirelessly combed through neighborhoods, armed with a photo of the missing boy, urging anyone with information to promptly contact authorities.

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Fortunately, the boy was located in less than 8 hours

This swift resolution not only highlights the effectiveness of the community’s united front but also underscores the safety and caring nature of Dubai. The quick response and genuine concern shown by residents and authorities alike exemplify the city’s commitment to the well-being of its members, making it evident that in times of need, Dubai stands united in ensuring the safety of every individual.

In a heartfelt audio recording, the child’s aunt conveyed gratitude, saying, “We are thankful to the residents and Dubai Police who responded to the situation and stood by us despite late hours.” She emphasized that the combined efforts of the community and law enforcement played a crucial role in swiftly locating the child. She further expressed, “Our sincere thanks to each and every person who helped. People who never knew us came forward to help. I was receiving calls from every nook and corner of the city… it’s an emotional moment.”

Overflowing with appreciation, she underscored the family’s deep gratitude for the city, renowned for its exceptional safety. Additionally, she reassured everyone that the child was found completely unharmed, highlighting the city’s commitment to the well-being of its residents.

*Lovin Dubai did not mention the name and the neighbourhood for privacy reasons*

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