CONFIRMED: The 30% Alcohol Tax Drop Has Already Been Rolled Out On Customer Prices!

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On January 1, the levy on alcoholic beverages in the UAE was removed and some liquor stores across Dubai have confirmed they have already implemented the deduction.

When the news broke that the 30% tax on alcohol sales in Dubai would be removed, it was unclear whether this would trickle down to retailers, but MMI has confirmed that all stores have dropped the tax with immediate effect.

Maritime & Mercantile International (MMI) confirmed it has removed the 30% municipality tax on all alcoholic beverages across its 21 stores in Dubai as well as the personal liquor licence fee. These updates are in line with the directives from the Government of Dubai relating to the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the city.

“These prices are best to stay and are a long-term trial.”

African & Eastern stores also confirmed they reduced prices by a minimum of 30% across all the 20 stores in Dubai.

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The move is effective from January 1.


More key updates: Personal liquor licenses are now free

The AED270 personal liquor licence fee has now been removed at MMI stores. 

To obtain a personal liquor license, a valid Emirates ID, or Passport for tourists, will still be required.

Can you drink alcohol in the UAE?

A person must be at least 21 to drink legally in the UAE, and alcohol can only be consumed
privately or in licensed public places.


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