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Emirates Just Launched A Completely Contactless Travel Path At DXB

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Everyone knows by now that Dubai just gets bigger and better each day. It has already proven itself to be a safer and smarter city, even with a whole pandemic out there. And the next step in their unmatched safety levels comes in the form of a new biometric path launched by Emirates Airlines.

The new contactless path for passengers will take them from check-in to boarding smoothly and with minimal human interaction so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Lo and behold, the futuristic-looking new pathway by Emirates

Not only will this seamless path help in reducing COVID risks, but it also means shorter queues and lesser document checks. So, double yay! 

Just like most things in Dubai, this path also uses all the high-tech tools to read your face and eyes 

Dubai and Emirates also just gave the world its first Smart Tunnel passport control

Touchpoints of this brill new system area available at the Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport for all three classes – First, Business, and Economy. It also includes a ‘smart tunnel’, which was being tested out earlier in 2018. The tunnel requires no human interaction and if all looks good, you are automatically cleared by the authorities with no need for a passport stamp. 

Services will also be installed at Emirates’ premium lounge entrance at concourse B and selected boarding gates. 

Emirates has already made travelling super easy with things like self-check-in and bag drop kiosks at DXB. 

Emirates is the first airline outside the USA to get approval for biometric boarding from the US Customs. 

This is literally the future of travelling and it looks SO easy and exciting 


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