EXCLUSIVE: The Inspirational Journey Of Dubai Teen Rakan Who Was Paralyzed At The Age of 12


Rakan’s story just proves all limitations are in our head

With a cheerful smile, Rakan arrived at the Lovin Dubai studio in his wheelchair, prepared to share his inspiring journey from A to Z.’

Rakan has not always been paralyzed as it all went down back in April 2020 when he was just 12 years old.

When asked, Rakan has said that he chose to move on and live life without letting it get in the way of his dreams.

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Rakan Rafat, “The moment I couldn’t feel my legs, that’s when I was like done!”

Rakan elaborated how that accident occurred in 2020 leaving him paralyzed.

He has said that as he and his friend sat down on the bench and the wall has fallen on him leaving him paralyzed and as he got pulled out he has said that he did not feel his legs and he knew at that particular moment his life has changed.

Regardless of what Rakan has gone through he has achieved a lot as he has earned recognition through the prestigious Emirates Young Scientist Award and more that he has disclosed in his interview.

Rakan said it was very difficult to move on but he decided to change and do something to get out of it

Rakan continues saying that he decided to get back to sports not allowing a wheel chair to get in his way as it has taken Rakan almost 2 months to accept his fate, move on and build a life out of it.

As it couldn’t be inspiring enough Rakan completed a 6km run in 30 minutes at Dubai run achieving his dreams and living his best life.

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