From Near Closure To Going Viral! Get To Know The Inspiring Story of B.Raniman And Its Resilient Owner


Mulla Wafi is the restaurant owner of b.raniman, and earlier had posted an announcement that he will be closing down in 10 days! Well, that was before he went viral. Mulla joined The Lovin Dubai show and went deeper into his journey from opening the restaurant and almost shutting down as he shared the touching tale of the community support he had received.

B.raniman, was saved from closure by the power of social media and the heartfelt engagement of the city’s residents. The Bangladeshi-Indian fusion restaurant, known for its authentic and unique cuisine, faced the brink of shutdown until a viral video turned tables.

Braniman, the beloved eatery, was launched in December 2022 by Mulla and his wife, both seasoned chefs. Despite their dedication and passion, the restaurant struggled to meet the steep monthly operational costs of AED 40,000-42,000, primarily driven by rents, salaries, and other fixed expenses. The duo aimed for a monthly revenue of AED 95,000 to sustain the business, but personal financial constraints made it challenging to continue.

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The situation took a drastic turn when AT, a popular content creator and long-time patron of Braniman, suggested making a video to highlight the restaurant’s difficulty. AT had dined at Braniman for a year and developed a deep connection with the place. Understanding the power of social media, he proposed creating a video to share the story, hoping it would attract the support needed to keep the doors open.


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In a heartfelt conversation on the Love and Dubai show, Mulla recounted the journey saying “I didn’t need donations or handouts; I wanted to create awareness. If sharing my challenges could educate others about the realities of running a restaurant, I was open to it.”

The video, posted in early June, quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of Dubai’s residents. Within hours, the phones at Braniman were ringing off the hook, with delivery orders pouring in and patrons flocking to the restaurant. The overwhelming response from the community was nothing short of miraculous. “People came in, dined, and even offered donations, which we politely declined. It was the love and support of Dubai’s people that made all the difference,” Mullet shared.

This surge in support not only increased sales significantly but also attracted potential investors interested in sustaining the business. Although the immediate financial crisis wasn’t entirely resolved, the awareness and newfound customer base provided a lifeline. “We decided we couldn’t close down. The people were coming in, trying our food, and we had to keep it open for them,” Mullet emphasized.

Reflecting on the journey, Mulla expressed his gratitude saying “It was a combination of effort, hard work, and the incredible support of the community. I never expected such a response. It was overwhelming and reaffirmed my faith in the people of Dubai.”

Braniman’s story is a testament to the power of social media, community support, and the resilience of small businesses. As the restaurant continues to serve its delectable fusion dishes, it stands as a symbol of hope and unity in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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