Khalid Al Ameri Conquered His Fear Of Heights By Walking On The Edge Of A Dubai Skyscraper

Farah Makhlouf
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There are people who are afraid of clowns, afraid of tiny circular holes, and spiders. But Khalid Al Ameri is not afraid of clowns, spiders or tiny circular holes; he’s afraid of heights. Just like a million other people around the world. Living in a Dubai tower would probably not be their first choice.

How do you get over those fears? You face them and that’s exactly what Khalid did!

Khalid Al Ameri faced his fear of heights by walking along the edge of a TALL Dubai skyscraper – 219m above the ground


Khalid first shared an image online where he’s wearing a helmet and a harness, a picture that would make anyone’s jaws drop!

Haters would say it’s photoshopped but we say Khaled used the spot healing feature on photoshop to remove the rope. We see you Khalid. Nonetheless, the image is phenomenal but not as much as the video he shared next!

On his Youtube video, Khalid captioned the video saying “My entire life I’ve dealt with a fear of heights, so I decided to confront my fear by walking on the edge of a building.” I mean that’s definitely one way to do it!


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Khalid Al Ameri started off the experience at Sky View’s slide but then took on the real challenge

He sure didn’t seem fazed by the all-glass slide but then he took it up a notch and walked on the glass floor. But those didn’t do it. Only when he was harnessed and felt the cold air brush past him did we then see the fear in his eyes, hands, legs… okay everywhere! He signed the waiver and off he went.

He put on the semi-protective helmet, got a pep talk from Samuel who works there (Hi Samuel!). Then Ron (Hi Ron), was Khalid’s instructor for the experience. After a bit of encouragement, he did it!! He said in his video that he felt liberated. Is his fear completely gone? Who knows but now we know that this should be tried at least once!

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