People Have Strong Suspicions That Beyonce Has Landed In Dubai

Anika Eliz Baby

We all know that Beyonce is set to do her first live concert in Dubai’s newest icon Atlantis The Royal on January 21! Sadly, it’s a private event that not everyone is allowed to.

But…maybe you can catch Queen Bey chilling on a Dubai beach instead?!

The Internet has put its detective skills to use and is slowly getting convinced that Beyonce might have already landed in Dubai!

Here’s how they arrived at that conclusion.

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It all started when Beyonce’s stylists put out tweets on Friday, Jan 13

KJ Moody was slightly elusive, tweeting about a “16 hour flight”, but Vance Gamble literally tweeted “Dubai Bound.”

Both the tweets have now been deleted so oop-


Vance had also tweeted on Jan 3 that he was coming to Dubai in 12 days, so…

That tweet hasn’t been deleted yet!

Fans have also brought back pictures from the time when Beyonce came to Dubai on a family trip back in 2014

She’s clearly no stranger to the city, so it really won’t be a surprise if she really did choose to come a week earlier than her concert!

While we wait for official confirmations…the memes about the concert’s exclusivity are sure to keep you entertained!


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