14 Road Upgrades Reduced Travel Time By 50% In Dubai


This is always the news everyone eagerly awaits… RTA’s 14 road upgrades are turning heads as travel times get a 50% cut time! In other words, your rides are about to get smoother, all thanks to RTA…


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14 different locations across Dubai just received a major revamp

In 2023, the Roads and Transport Authority revealed the successful implementation of traffic enhancements across 14 locations in Dubai. These solutions proved to be a game-changer, cutting travel time by 50% in certain areas while boosting vehicle capacity by up to 25% on several streets.

Accelerating progress, the Roads and Transport Authority has successfully concluded improvement initiatives as part of the Rapid Traffic Improvements Plan. Beyond just roads, it’s about keeping Dubai’s traffic fluid, roads efficient, and safety paramount amid the city’s vibrant expansion and growing population.

And you’re probably wondering, which streets got upgraded?

Well, it’s a long list.. so TAKE NOTES!

  • Al Asayel Street to Financial Centre Street:
    • Upgraded the free right exit, doubling capacity from one lane to two.
    • Improved traffic flow, reducing travel time from Business Bay to Financial Centre Street from 5 to just 1 minute.
  • Al Fay Street:
    • Substantial improvements, adding lanes to the roundabout and utilizing an existing bridge.
    • Halved travel time for entering and exiting Dubai Production District and Dubai Sports City District.
  • Al-Saba Street to Garn Al Sabkha Street:
    • Introduced a free exit, cutting congestion and reducing travel times in the vicinity by around 60%.
  • Umm Suqeim Street and Al-Asayel Street Intersection:
    • Expanded the free right exit from Al Asayel Street to Umm Suqeim Street.
    • Created a dedicated U-turn on Umm Suqeim Street, reducing travel time from Al Barsha to Umm Suqeim Street to just 5 minutes.
  • Al Rebat Street to Business Bay Crossing:
    • Widened the right-hand exit from one lane to three, equipped with traffic lights.
    • Increased capacity, eliminated queues, minimized traffic overlapping, and elevated safety standards.
  • Emirates Road to Maliha Street Intersection (Exit 71):
    • Widened the exit from two lanes to three.
    • Boosted capacity from 4,000 vehicles per hour to 6,000, enhancing traffic circulation in the area.

This is all about paving the way for Dubai’s best city living…

Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA said,

Carrying out these improvements is a testament to RTA’s commitment of executing the directives of our leaders. Our efforts are geared towards accommodating the emirate’s demographic and urban expansion through continual advancements in the infrastructure sector. Our objective is to expand the road network’s capacity and align with Dubai’s sustainable growth, which would ultimately ensure the happiness and well-being of the population and make Dubai the best city for living.

Don’t worry, more streets are also getting a makeover…

He added,

The improvements are set to continue throughout 2024. The plan includes executing multiple projects aimed at enhancing traffic flow across 31 sites in the emirate. Main areas include Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Al Awir Street, Abu Baker Al Siddique street, Al Rebat Street, Al Khail Road, and Al Meydan Street.

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