Safety During An Earthquake: Seven Steps To Remember

Safety During An Earthquake: Seven Steps To Remember

Earthquakes- or natural disasters- can happen at any time.

Literally, any time, even at 7:37 am in the morning apparently, as we witnessed yesterday. It was the third shaker in ten days!

So here is a lil safety guide on 7 precautions to take before, during and after an earthquake- Just to be safe, because we love you!


Three things to remember – Prepare, Survive, Recover

1. Prepare – Secure Your Space

Make sure that you identify all hazardous materials at home, and secure all moveable items so they don’t fall. Unless you wish to feel the warm crashing embrace of a cupboard when you wake up of course!


2. Have an action plan

The plan can NOT be ‘NO plan at all!’ Discuss with your family members how to evacuate and how to communicate during an emergency.



3. Keep your supplies ready

Were you looking for a good excuse to buy some snacks? An ’emergency earthquake kit’ is the answer!

Of course, hungry bellies are also an emergency- just keep in mind that you restock after.

Besides food, also keep a flashlight, water and other essentials in a convenient location.


4. Your money don’t jiggle jiggle

It secures itself with a good insurance scheme. Also, make sure you keep some emergency cash in hand and organize all important documents in a way that you can grab and run!


5. Survive- Drop, cover, and hold on

No, it is not a dance move.

Once you’ve done all you can and disaster strikes…make sure you find a sturdy piece of furniture to crawl under. You Got This!



6. Check up and Help

Make sure everyone is safe, also keep your guard up for aftershocks. Look around to see if anyone is injured and needs help.


7. Recover- Make everything normal again

You did it! You pulled through! Now make sure everybody else is safe too. Help build back the community.


No REAL cause to worry though

All this being said, there is absolutely no reason to worry about earthquakes in the UAE. No major fault line passes through the country- making it low risk, and the buildings have all been constructed keeping in mind earthquake safety!

In fact, the Dubai Municipality requires that buildings are designed in accordance with higher safety levels.

So yes, the only shaking you need to worry about, is when you realise that today is a MONDAY.


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