Salama’s Upcoming Products Have All The Skincare Junkies Hyped

Salama Mohammed peaceful

Salama’s Upcoming Products Have All The Skincare Junkies Hyped

Salama Mohamed, everyone’s soul sister (she just doesn’t know it yet) and favourite sassy but loving wife became the talk of the town overnight, after announcing her own skincare line ‘Peacefull’ and the fact that it is being exclusively sold at Sephora Middle East.

This is HUGE!

Peacefull hasn’t even fully launched yet but the region’s skincare fanatics are already excited

With three products introduced, namely a toner, face mask, and moisturiser; the brand’s positioning as more than a brand but a movement towards ‘peace,’ and being at peace with one’s authentic self. It all perfectly aligns with everything the couple’s viral videos stand for. 

No wonder it’s all the hype right now!


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Salama’s very own skincare brand will be exclusively sold at Sephora Middle East

One of the region’s major beauty retailers will carry the Peacefull brand across all its stores in the UAE, starting June 21, 2021.

If you’re one of the people lined up to try this brand, mark your calendars. We have a feeling this is going to sell out stat.

The brand took TWO years in the making

Influencer Salama Mohamed took to Instagram to announce the launch of Peacefull on Monday, adding that it had been a dream of hers to establish the brand.

“I strongly believe that being comfortable in your own skin is one of the greatest forms of self-love!”

We agree!

There’s been an outpour of support from her family, friends and the public


Seeing Arab women win is a bigger win for the community as a whole!

Lovin wants to add to this support by extending our congratulations to Salama and her family.

Beauty and skincare enthusiasts, are you ready for this drop?


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