“The Robinhood Of Real Estate” A Dubai Company Is Giving $10,000 To Buyer Referrals!


The real estate scene in Dubai is going from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down. The property companies are making hand over fist, and no one knows this better than Amin Makhlouf, a former property broker who saw the possibility of making it big in real estate and, in turn, sharing the earnings.

A true Robinhood of real estate, Makhlouf developed a revolutionary property app, MAKYEE, which facilitates transactions in 8 sectors and offers a $10,000 referral program to buyers.

MAKYEE Revolutionizes Dubai Real Estate Market with 8-Second Property Transactions.

In a bold move that promises to transform the landscape of real estate transactions in Dubai, MAKYEE, an innovative online platform has introduced a groundbreaking system allowing buyers to purchase properties in just 8 seconds without needing traditional agents.

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Amin Makhlouf joined The Lovin Dubai Show and mentioned that MAKYEE aims to discuss the process of buying property in one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets. Makhlouf, also explained the platform’s unique approach, emphasizing efficiency and transparency.


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Amin Makhlouf told The Lovin Dubai Show, “MAKYEE is all about leveraging technology to simplify real estate transactions,” he added saying, “Whether you’re purchasing off-plan or ready properties, our platform facilitates a seamless process where buyers can complete transactions within seconds.”

“What sets MAKYEE apart is our commitment to transparency,” Makhlouf emphasized. “Unlike traditional agents who may introduce hidden costs or delays, MAKYEE displays the exact prices set by sellers, ensuring a straightforward and trustworthy experience for all parties involved.”

Next up: Rental market disruption

Looking ahead, MAKYEE plans to expand its offerings by introducing features to facilitate rental transactions, further cementing its position as a disruptor in Dubai’s real estate sector. Maloof hinted at ongoing developments aimed at making renting properties through MAKYEE as seamless and efficient as its buying process.

For those interested in exploring MAKYEE’s offerings or learning more about its innovative approach to real estate transactions, visit their official website or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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