The Story Behind This Kitten That Sits Between The Rulers Of UAE and Dubai Is Heart Warming!

Anika Eliz Baby

The Ruler of Dubai is a cat person!

There was a meeting between the Ruler of UAE HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and the Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid to discuss the future of the nation. The meeting took place at Al Marmoom in Dubai.

Several videos of the meeting show a cute kitten sitting between the two rulers and relaxing as they carry on discussions.

The kitten is none other than the child of the pregnant cat that was heroically rescued from falling to her death in August last year

Remember this viral video of a cat being saved from a big fall by four men holding a blanket?

After a group rescue effort from a residential building in Frij Murar, Deira, the cat was rescued and dropped at the Al Marmoom farms

The mama cat and her kittens are thriving, evidently!

Back then, Each of the rescue team members received lots of praise from the ruler of Dubai, and a surprise award of AED 50,000 too.

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The kitten is clearly enjoying itself in the midst of visionary discussions

We love to see it!

The kitten is proof of our Ruler’s love for all animals, and it’s adorable to watch.


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