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The UAE Heat Can Cook Your Morning Breakfast

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It’s that time again when your glasses, watch and phone fog up when you leave your car. The humidity is through the roof and the heat is… well, the usual summer heat we experience here. It’s so hot, you can cook your breakfast.

The heat wave started on June 7 and it won’t cool down until September 5.

A Dubai resident shared a video showing that eggs in a pan on the ground, can start to cook

Videos via @shareenxkhanx on Instagram

You can cook your egg breakfast on a pan, no fire or gas required

Maybe they won’t cook all the way through and thank goodness for that because it’s us who have to endure it. Want to defrost the chicken before mother gets home? skip the microwave, the UAE heat has got this.

The temperature in the UAE has reached 51 degrees celsius on 3 separate days. In fact, the highest temperature recorded this year was in Al Ain’s Sweihan are, according to the National Centre of Meteorology. The temperature was 51.8 degrees celsius. Now that might possibly cook your eggs all the way through.

Although it looks like a fun experiment, clean up after yourself or better yet, take this video as proof and just don’t do it. And definitely don’t eat whatever you cook on the ground, even if it’s in a pan. We are still in a pandemic and while it may be scolding hot, it’s not hot enough to cook your breakfast.

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