A UAE Bank Highlights The Fraudsters Of The Pandemic In A Hilarious New Ad

A photo of the actor who played the fraudster in an Emirates NBD ad

The UAE Bank just released a PSA video against the pandemic’s fraudsters and it is absolutely hilarious.

Emirates NBD has been releasing a number of thought-provoking ads in the last few years and this recent one just tops the cake!

In a recent video ad by the UAE bank, a warning was sent out to its bank users in the most creative way possible. Never mind the ole warn and caution tweet, the bank took things to another level with a quality production and a character we may all be familiar with, especially since the pandemic took place.

Your everyday fraudster: the ones who say you’ve won something, asking to share your CVV, password or to donate without verification and even unverified vaccine registration links


A public service message done tastefully

“The start of the pandemic was a dark time for the world, but one man saw a golden opportunity to expand his business and increase his earnings. His name is James Jefferson, @jjj_jefferson. This is his story.”

The bottom line? Don’t make fraudsters job easy.

We’re defo taking notes on the PSA, thanks!

Hilarious! The character from the ad was even made his own Instagram account

Complete with the makings of a real modern-day fraudster, the made-up character of James Jefferson has got to the funiest thing ever.

From a ‘How To Get Rich In A Pandemic’ book, to yoga sessions in his fake backyard all the way down to hilarious Instagram influencer-like captions- the whole PSA was cinematic at best.

Talk about consistency


Watch the full video here.

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