You Can Now Tie The Knot Via Text Message In Abu Dhabi!

Marriage contract

If you are a happy couple and are ready to take it to the next step a brand new service unveiled in Abu Dhabi allows couples to swiftly receive their marriage contracts through text messages and various digital platforms, as announced by authorities.

In this pioneering move, the bride and groom will promptly obtain their contracts right after the officiant concludes the ceremony and digitally verifies the marriage, as outlined by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD).

Tying the knot can now happen without leaving the comfort of your home exchanging vows via video conference is an option. Since their introduction in October 2022, the ADJD has issued approximately 7,000 digital marriage contracts in the region.

Upon approval, applicants can finalise procedures electronically and opt for an in-person or video-call marriage session via the appointment booking system. Once officiated, the digital contract is promptly delivered.

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This service will allow couples to swiftly receive their marriage certificates through text messages can you imagine.. Remote marriage!!

Well lovebirds, here’s the scoop You can now snag your marriage papers lightning-fast through digital means! After your ceremony gets the official nod and is digitally stamped, bam! Your marriage contracts will zip right to your phones via text and other cool digital stuff.

The ADJD’s awesome new method is a game-changer in the marriage scene, making it super easy and ultra-modern for couples to tie the knot in Abu Dhabi. It’s like a turbocharged upgrade for couples looking to make things official!

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