Breakfast At This Place In Dubai Marina Will Have You Thinking You Are On The French Riviera


Let’s face it, we all love a bit of European dining culture. Whether it’s al fresco dining France or Italy.. freshly baked in German or the Cafe Culture in Paris. It’s why so many people from Dubai travelled to Europe over the summer months. Now that the weather is improving again in Dubai, there are many places that offer that same ambiance we like so much. 

Some of you will know Bistro Des Arts that opened this time last year. It’s a French restaurant and patisserie. It got an amazing location, attached to Dubai Marina Mall and the Address Marina, but it’s also on the Marina Promenade – and it’s licensed!

There are other options I like around Dubai, including sitting outside of La Serre in Downtown Dubai for breakfast at the weekend, but this place is worth trying. 

Their breakfast is a perfect way to check out to see if you like it.. 

Choose from Croque Monsieur, French Toast, Eggs Florentine, Egg White Omelettes, and many more celebrated French favourites. For those who want to stick to the clean living lifestyle, Bistro Des Arts has introduced it’s healthy Tropical drink with soya milk , Green Detox refreshments, Buck Wheat Crepes, Homemade Granola and Low Fat Yoghurt with Berries. 

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The important bits…

It’s literally 20 steps from Dubai Marina Mall and is open for breakfast every day from 7.30AM to 12:00PM.

There is a Riviera breakfast option for AED 59 that includes hot beverage, juice, croissant, baguette and jam.

Smoothies are 30 AED and eggs Benedict will set you back 46 AED. 


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