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10 Dog Breeds That Live For The Hot Weather 

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If summer in Dubai is getting a little too unbearable for YOU… then chances are that your doggo is feeling more than ruffled by the weather as well.

For the sole purpose of showing off, people opt for fancy designer pups and forget that not all doggos can adapt to Dubai’s intense summer heat unless situated in an air-conditioned environment and monitored 24/7. For some canines it’s easy for them to cool down with the help of the AC, however, for most their coat or fur’s response to the temperature and humidity dictate their energy levels.

For example huskies, it’s a well-known fact that these thickly furred doggos are designed for cold climates and are not at all suited to the UAE’s hot temps… but that doesn’t stop residents from ‘ordering’ the breed just so their ‘gram is the talk of the town.

With that being said, if you’re looking for a pet pal who can accompany you on summer adventures (and not get sick from the weather) then…

Here are 10 breeds that not only perform well in the hot climate but also THRIVE under the sunshine!

Cuz a happy pooch is a happy

*This list is in no particular order! 

10. Chihuahuas

You know the saying ‘big things come in small packages’?! Think that proverb was MADE for chihuahuas!

The hyper, pocket-sized pooches have a thin coat that helps them adapt well to warm-weather climates… That’s probably why this petit breed is such a hit in Mexico, California and other warm locations.

9. Foxhounds

Foxhounds have short, easy-to-maintain hair, which helps them remain cool when the temps go soaring up. Foxhounds make for one heck of a pal (once trained), they’re playful and get along great with families as well as other pets!

8. Golden Retrievers

We don’t do faves when it comes to doggos but… word on the street is that Golden Retrievers are one the MOST loved breeds out there! These extremely playful, loyal, friendly, intelligent, handsome tail-waggers will become your bestest bud from day 1. PROMISE.

They literally thrive under the sun and their preferred spot in the house will most deffo be your backyard. Tag your golden fluffball along when heading for a hike to the wadis because this breed is equipped with a water-resistant coat and webbed feet.

Remember to adopt not shop! 

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7. Yorkshire Terriers

These cute little boo bears have a silky coat and hair that’s of a thin texture. Their single coat hair helps them stay cool and jolly throughout the hot summer months.

You can even say… this pint-sized breed is made FUR the heat.🌚

6. Beagles

Full of love and energy, Beagles make for an IDEAL companion for kids and adults alike. Beagles are a double-coated breed with hairs that are somewhat water-repellent. These fun-loving pooches are also deemed as one of the more heat-tolerant breeds of dogs and can handle temperatures up to 32°C for reasonable periods of time.

5. Labradors

This breeeed is just labrador-able! You’ll be diggin’ this high-energy breed if you’re on the more active side because labs absolutely thrive in the outdoors. Though yet playful and oh-so adventurous, they are game for anything out under the sun.

4. Terriers

This goofy breed will keep you entertained 24/7 and spoil you with their unconditional love and attention! Their thin coats make them supperrr duper easy to take care of during the summer months, give their coats a little cut when temps are on the rise, and if it gets a lil chilly in the winter, just let it grow out.

3. Great Danes

These homely doggos love to snuggle, love to sleep, love the HEAT and will sit on your lap for a lifetime!

These majestic paws will lay outside in the yard for days on end soaking up the summer heat like nobody’s business, a great breed to raise in Dubai tbh.

2. Greyhounds

Greyhounds are another PAWsome breed for warm weather! With very little body fat and a thin coat, they can withstand the hot days maybe even slightly better than their hoomans!

1. Border Collies

When you think parks, frisbees, tennis balls, grass, fetch… you automatically think of Border Collies!! Incredibly intelligent and lovingly obedient, your summertime-cum-lifetime pal will become your ultimate four-legged frisbee bud.

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