This Brutal Attack On A Maltese Comes As A Reminder To Keep Your Dogs On Leash In Public Spaces

This Brutal Attack On A Maltese Comes As A Reminder To Keep Your Dogs On Leash In Public Spaces

There’s nothing pet parents wouldn’t do to protect and safeguard their furbabies from the horrors of the world.

Raising and taking care of a pet comes with a bucket ton of responsibilities, such as feeding, grooming, vaccinating, taking them on daily walks, carrying poop bags and water bowls; it’s a task and how. Although hectic, it’s more than rewarding when your dog showers you with unconditional love after a long, tiresome day at work.

One vital pet owner duty is to keep your doggo on a leash in public spaces at ALL times. Dubai residents were reminded of this as a result of a gut-wrenching attack on a Maltese earlier this weekend.

A little Maltese doggo named Tinkerbell was brutally attacked by a German Shepherd during her walk in Al Nahda

Tinkerbell’s owners revealed in a post that the German Shepherd was not on a leash and both the dog and its owner disappeared post the attack.

The post went on to say, “Thankfully it didn’t get her throat because my Son shielded her and got bitten too.”

Here’s wishing sweet little Tinker a speedy recovery! 

Pet parents all over Dubai have been sharing this post as a reminder to all to keep their doggos on a leash when walking them outdoors

Giving dogs the freedom to roam around is all well and good until someone gets hurt. Because you may trust your furry friend not to cause any harm, but you definitely can’t trust the temperaments of other dogs.

Here are a few quick reasons you should always keep your dog by your side: Keeps them from getting stolen, they’re less likely to chase after something, they can’t get lost, lessens the possibility of a fight and they won’t be the cause of an accident nor get into one.

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