Dubai Will Soon Be Home To The 1st And 2nd Tallest Towers In The World


Dubai is about to crank up the skyscraper game to new heights! Hold onto your falafel wraps, because this vibrant city is about to become the proud owner of not just one, but two of the tallest towers in the whole wide world

Farhad Azizi, the CEO of Azizi Developments, recently dropped a tweet bomb that got Dubai residents quite excited, to say the least!

He confidently declared, “It’s official: We are building what will be the second-tallest building in the world.” Cue the jaw drops.

Founder and chairman of Azizi Group and Azizi Developments, Mirwais Azizi, spilled the beans on BBC Persia. He revealed their master plan to construct a brand new tower that will stand tall alongside the legendary Burj Khalifa and the other magnificent skyscrapers in Dubai.

Although the plan for this majestic tower was initially unveiled during Cityscape Dubai last November, the name of the upcoming tower is still under wraps…

Back in November 2022, Azizi were aiming to construct the second-tallest tower in Dubai—a pretty impressive feat in itself. But they decided to take things up a notch, or should I say, a few hundred meters.

Now, they’re eyeing the prize of surpassing Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That skyscraper stands tall at 678.9 meters, but Dubai isn’t one to settle for second place.

So, get ready to be amazed as these two towers redefine the skyline and put Dubai on the map as the epitome of ‘dreaming big’.

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