Dubai's 'Food Tech Valley' Is The Kind Of Futuristic Farming You Only See In Movies! 

This is INCREDIBLE! Smart city = Smart farming and Dubai announces plans for the tech-advanced farming valley with a video that will leave you shook

We’ve seen technology of this calibre only in SciFi movies will date, and Dubai is as usual taking the lead to bring these futuristic visions to life – proving to be the epitome of a smart city.

On Saturday, May 1 HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, took to social media to announce the launch of the first phase of Food Tech Valley.

“Our country is a global food logistics hub, and we will work to create a nurturing environment for agribusinesses to develop new farming technologies and enhance our future food security” – Sheikh Mohammed

His Highness also added that the “UAE’s food trade exceeds AED100 billion annually”.

This upcoming specialized city will serve as a global destination for start-ups and industry experts in the food ecosystem

Food Tech Valley will host R&D facilities, an innovation centre, smart food logistics hub and areas for vertical farming.

This tech-advanced agriculture hub will also help in shaping aquaculture and hydroponics, which will boost the city’s capacity to manufacture home-grown agricultural produce, as well as reduce wastage of resources.

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