Emirates Crew Heroically Control An Aggressive Unruly Passenger Mid-Flight

Emirates Crew Heroically Control An Aggressive Unruly Passenger Mid-Flight

A viral video shows two male cabin crew members wrangling an unruly passenger. With flexicuffs, they skillfully maintained control – teamwork at 30,000 feet!

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The passenger was said to be ‘violent’ during the entire two-and-a-half-hour flight

Cabin crew on flight EK614 tried to restrain the unruly passenger. But the video shows how he headbutted one of the male crew. He was then pinned down and restrained. Furthermore, an air hostess rushed over with emergency black cable ties, kept onboard for unruly passengers, to cuff him.

Moreover, the incident reportedly happened early Sunday morning, as Emirates flight EK614 landed in Islamabad around 1:20 am. Despite the ‘violent’ outburst, leaving one passenger ‘terrified,’ reports suggest the suspect, described as ‘well connected,’ may not face criminal charges.


An Emirates spokesperson told Lovin Dubai:

“Emirates can confirm that there was an unruly passenger on flight EK614 travelling from Dubai to Islamabad on 24 February. The passenger was restrained by cabin crew and upon arrival, was handed over to the authorities. The safety of our passengers and crew is of critical importance and Emirates strives to ensure this is never compromised. Emirates is cooperating with the authorities at this time and cannot comment further.”

Kudos to the Emirates cabin crew for their swift action!

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