You Can Now Assist Dubai Police In Patrolling The Streets On A Horse For FREE! 

You Can Now Assist Dubai Police In Patrolling The Streets On A Horse For FREE! 

No amount of praise is ever enough for Dubai’s Police force.

It’s the accessibility, constant feeling of security, safety… the alertness and quick response time that does it for us.

That said, in further effort to reduce crime and ensure safety Dubai Police frequently patrol the streets of the city on horses, with the aim to prevent crime and seek out troublemakers.

The daily patrols take place across industrial, commercial and tourist areas

Dubai residents always seem to be fascinated at the sight of cops taking rounds on horsebacks, now imagine joining them for the same!

Honestly, it’s like hitting the JACKPOT for some expats. Giving back to the community and protecting your hood alongside the Dubai popo?! SIGN US UP.

@dubaifavorite shares how expats can get involved for FREE in the video below:

Become a part of the Dubai Mounted Police in these 5 steps according to Dubai Favorite:

  1. If you are a UAE resident: 
fill in the form here
  2. Choose your preferred area
  3. You need to have horse riding experience
  4. Prepare your riding outfit and accessories
  5. Wait for the police to contact you with a date for you to assist

The blogger’s caption also added that they had to wait one year after signing up to get this opportunity.

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