Expo 2020 Dubai Will Reopen As A 15-Minute City – With These 10 Pavilions Confirmed To Stay

Expo 2020 Dubai Will Reopen As A 15-Minute City – With These 10 Pavilions Confirmed To Stay

Sadly, all good things must come to an end…

And as Expo 2020 Dubai inches closer to the D-Day, residents are not only flocking to the site to savour final memories of the attractions but are also curious as to what will come of the expansive 1083-acre plot.

A Dubai-based school teacher, Thomas Blakemore AKA Mr B has been super active in showcasing the world fair in all its glory on his socials, and as the expo wraps up – Mr B breaks down what residents can expect post-March 31, 2022.

Expo 2020 Dubai will reopen on October 1, 2022, as District 2022, a smart 15-minute-city

What makes it a 15-min city you ask?!

Attractions, schools, hospitals, shops, offices, parks and homes will all be at a 15-minute distance from each other and within a 2km2 range: sounds like Expo is phasing into a mini-town, where life’s nothing but peachy🍑

The following 10 pavilions will be carried forward to District 2020

  1. UAE Pavilion
  2. India Pavilion
  3. Saudi Arabia Pavilion
  4. Alif, the mobility pavilion
  5. Terra, the solar-panelled sustainability pavilion
  6. The Al Wasl Dome
  7. The Waterfall Feature
  8. The Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC)
  9. Observation Tower
  10. The Firdaus Recording Studio

Bike tracks will also remain in District 2020 (Dubai’s newest residential and business hub) along with the world’s largest projection dome (THANK THE LORD FOR THAT!) and some of the grand pavilions mentioned above – that’ll continue to inspire and impress.

District 2020 is looking to infuse a smart work-life balance and transform into a breeding ground for research, technology and education for generations to come!

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