An Emirati Father’s Viral Tweet Scores His Son A Dream Job Offer From Emaar


A frustrated father took to X to vent about his son’s graduation taking place in Dubai, despite the school being in Sharjah. What started as a mini road trip rant turned into a surprising twist when the son landed a dream job offer from Emaar! Confused? Well, here’s the full story…

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It all happened when an Emirati father posted a tweet on X

& it went viral! His tweet said: “My son’s school in Sharjah, graduation at the Dubai Mall in Dubai!! Dubai Trade Center Why?!! Will you graduate Mohamed Alabbar?!” The last line is particularly funny, showcasing the well-known Arab sarcasm.

But here’s where it gets hilarious: the real Mohamed Alabbar saw the tweet and decided to join the fun! After seeing his name in such a funny context, he offered the son a job at his company! Basically, a graduation rant turned into a dream job offer.

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Then other major UAE companies jumped in too…

Things got even wilder… Other major UAE companies jumped in on the fun too! DU is offering a special bouquet and number, Expo and the Museum of the Future are giving free entries for unforgettable memories, gas stations are handing the son gold status, and travel companies are gifting them a free trip to Mecca for Umrah. It’s turning into an epic thread on X, full of surprises and laughs!

Who would’ve thought a simple tweet could stir up this much attention and bag all these freebies?

Turns out, X might just be the ultimate spot for a good old rant with unexpected perks! Keep those tweets coming, you never know what might happen next!

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