This Is How Much UAE Residents Should Tip Restaurant Staff According To Trip Advisor


Tipping around the world is a real head-scratcher—some people swear by it, while others think it’s disrespectful. In the UAE, it’s not required, but the tipping debate is hot till this day…

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So, how much do you tip?

Dubai’s known for its top-notch service, right? But figuring out how much to tip there can feel like solving a puzzle. Unlike some places, there aren’t strict rules. It’s kinda like the desert weather—changes all the time! Whether you’re tipping the elevator guy at the Burj Khalifa with a big tip or just a friendly nod, it’s up to you. Just go with your gut and show some appreciation!

In other words, in the UAE, tipping isn’t always about your own cultural norms—it’s more about the receiver’s culture. Some might appreciate it, others might not. It’s a mixed bag! When it comes to tipping, there’s no black and white. Should you tip your hairdresser? Your nail tech? The eyebrow guru? Your call, mate.

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But according to Trip Advisor…

So, they’ve done a bit of a global tipping tour… Japan’s all about that zero tipping life, while Germany’s like, “Eh, 5-10% should do.” Then there’s the UK with a solid 10%, and guess who’s in the spotlight? The UAE, with a tipping range of 10-15%! But hold up, folks, the crown for the biggest tipper goes to none other than the good ol’ USA, tipping at a whopping 20%!

Did this help?

Hopefully this article cleared up the tipping conundrum for you! If you’re still scratching your head, aiming for that 10-15% range in the UAE is a safe bet—or hey, go big if you feel like it! Remember, tipping isn’t mandatory, but it’s always a nice touch!

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