The UAE Is Attracting More Millionaires Than ANYWHERE In The World

The UAE Is Attracting More Millionaires Than ANYWHERE In The World

More millionaires are moving to the UAE than ever before.

According to the Henley Global Citizens Report by Henley & Partners, the world’s rich are on the move, and the UAE is about to become their new home. The 7 emirates are expected to attract the largest net inflow of millionaires GLOBALLY in 2022.

These figures focus only on people with a wealth of more than $1 million and who have moved to the country, (those who actually live in the country for more than half a year), and the report shows the UAE is where the wealthy folk are most likely to wanna call their new home. Welcome home fam!

The UAE has seen a spectacular rise increase in millionaire status

While the UK and the US are losing their charm as a choice for millionaires, the UAE is spectacularly rising in the ranks and expects to see the highest net influx of High Net Worth Individuals globally in 2022, with 4,000 expected to flock to our shores, according to the report.

You can partly thank numerous recent Visa reforms in the UAE along with a competitive and flexible approach to immigration regulations for this influx.

Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore are also seeing a large influx of wealthy residents, while China, Hong Kong (SAR China), India, and Brazil are noticing a drop.


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