Moneykicks Takes The Win Against Ayman Yaman In A Suspenseful Boxing Match

Moneykicks Takes The Win Against Ayman Yaman In A Suspenseful Boxing Match

Last weekend, people flocked to the Agenda, not for a sale, but to witness the showdown of the century! Moneykicks and Ayman Yaman duked it out in a boxing match that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Spoiler alert: Moneykicks came out on top…

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Influencers Moneykicks, AKA Rashed Belhasa, and Ayman Yaman stepped into the ring for a boxing match

As part of the Alpha fight series, the event brought together top athletes and influencers from around the world, pitting them against each other in a thrilling showdown.

Also, Danya Milokhin battled it out against Ajmal Khan, while Davud Tirmizii faced off with Abdalla Ibrahim Mousa Ibrahim Almaazmi.

Rashed and Ayman went head-to-head in the ring for three intense rounds, each lasting three minutes. The crowd was pumped, with families, friends, and fans all cheering them on. Everyone gathered around the ring, eager to catch every moment of the fight. Some were even standing on tiptoes, trying to get a better view…

Rashed dominated the ring, playing like a true champ, and even made Ayman’s nose bleed…

It was like watching a scene from a movie, adding to the excitement of the match. But in the end, Rashed emerged victorious, showing he’s a real contender in the boxing world!

While Rashed has some boxing experience under his belt, this was Ayman’s first time stepping into the ring – quite the contrast in levels! But hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? Let’s see if Ayman’s beginner’s luck can shake things up…

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To amp up the excitement even more, rappers Mhuncho and Lil Tjay took the stage for a mini concert

They kept the crowd hyped between rounds! It was a knockout combo of boxing and beats that had everyone on their feet. Who says you can’t have a concert in the middle of a fight night?

Mega guests brought extra flair to the event…

With the likes of Hasbulla, Alex Pereira, and Chingiz Allazov in attendance, adding to the suspense-filled atmosphere. The highlight? A mini feud brewing between Hasbulla and Alex Pereira – could a showdown be on the cards? Stay tuned…

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