Navigating Health Concerns This Flu Season With Specialist Swati Prasad


Flu season is in full swing in the UAE, and whether you’ve already fallen ill or are aiming to prevent it, some expert advice can make all the difference. Dr. Swati Prasad, a Specialist in Internal Medicine at Aster Royal Clinic Downtown Dubai joins The Lovin Dubai Show to delve into flu prevention and management, alongside insights into dengue fever.

Dr. Swati emphasizes the importance of nutrition, noting that many are on restrictive diets, leading to nutrient deficiencies that weaken the body’s defenses. Hydration is also key, as water aids in detoxification, particularly relevant during Ramadan when fasting can deplete essential nutrients.

When queried about those most vulnerable to flu, Dr. Swati highlights individuals with weakened immune systems and underlying health conditions. Wrapping up her advice, she stresses the necessity of rest, as our bodies require time to recover—pushing too hard can prolong illness.

This is all of the advice you need from Doctor Swati Prasad to prevent and even heal this Flu Season

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