A UAE Funeral Was Held For A Russian Expat Who Passed Away Days After Converting To Islam


In the UAE, a funeral was held for Liodmila Shtshebynia, a Russian expat who passed away two days after converting to Islam. Despite her brief time in the faith, some may view her as fortunate for finding solace before her passing.

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The news broke out last night

Liodmila Shtshebynia, a 62-year-old Russian expat, tragically passed away just two days after embracing Islam.

@Janaza_UAE, a public Instagram account with over 70,000 followers, took to social media platforms to share the heartbreaking news and extend an invitation to join the funeral prayers at Al Sahaba Mosque in Sharjah. The call for solidarity and support resonated widely, prompting an outpouring of condolences and prayers across the country.

Unfortunately, Liodmila had no one, as the account mentioned, “She has no one, so be her sons and brothers.” May God have mercy on her soul.

People quickly expressed their condolences on social media platforms

Condolences poured in swiftly on social media platforms, strangers sharing messages of sympathy and support. The outpouring of compassion reflected the deep sense of loss felt by many, as Liodmila’s untimely passing touched hearts far and wide.

A similar story occurred at the end of March this year

Daria Kotsarenko, aged just 29, passed away in Dubai shortly after receiving her conversion certificate on March 25th. Her sudden passing, believed to be due to a heart attack, left a profound impact on the community. Hundreds attended the Janaza Prayer at Al Qusais cemetery mosque, including both Emiratis and expatriates, reflecting the widespread grief and solidarity. In tribute to Daria’s memory and her newfound faith, a campaign has been launched to build a new mosque in Dubai.

May their beautiful souls rest in peace…

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