• 2 large free range chicken breasts (butcher bought – no exception)
  • 2 rolls of puff pastry
  • 2 tps Dijon mustard
  • 1 tbs creme fraiche
  • 2 tbs Mushroom ketchup
  • 225 mls chicken stock
  • Fresh thyme and rosemary
  • 100 grams mushrooms
  • 50 grms Gruyere cheese

The very utterance of the word pie makes me weak at the knees. I have been known to go into a trance standing at pie shop windows. Granted there aren’t many of them around Dubai, which is why I’ve put together a simple but delicious recipe so you can make your own.


Step 1

Line up your whopper pie ingredients.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 40 34

Step 2

Kick it off by cubing the chicken and quartering the mushrooms.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 40 51

Step 3

Rather than grilling or frying, you have to poach the chicken in the stock with the herbs. There’s zero fat on the breast so this goes a long way to adding moisture. Do not poach it the entire way through, leave a pink blush because the chicken will have two more cooking stages to go through.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 41 05

Step 4

Sling the mushrooms into a pan and cook them as you like. I prefer zero bite in a shroom so I go all the way- about 8 minutes in a good lug of olive oil and well seasoned with salt and plenty of cracked black pepper.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 41 16

Step 5

To the mushrooms add the poached chicken, some chicken stock, creme fraiche, mushroom ketchup, and the poached herbs. Then ‘sauce-up’ over a gentle heat. You can add a good deal of the stock to make sure you have a good saucy consistency because you’re gonna learn a sneaky kitchen hack later…

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 41 26

Step 6

Add the cheese and have a taste and season as you need to. Leave to cool completely.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 41 41

Step 7

Kitchen Hack: The Swiss Roux. This is kitchen hack you need to know. It’s a quick alternative to arrowroot or cornflour. Just mix 1 tbs of veg oil with 1 tbs of plain flour, two things anyone will have in the cupboard. Mix and add to the sauce IF it needs a speedy thicken.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 41 54

Step 8

Get your hands on a couple of individual pie dishes, cut out one disc of puff pastry for the base and another for the lid.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 42 10

Step 9

Push the pastry into the pie dish then spoon in equal measures of your chicken mix, pile it up to ensure you get a ‘domed’ lid for your pie. Flat pies truly do suck.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 42 19

Step 10

Set on the second puff lid and seal with a little water, then crimp the two parts as stylishly or as roughly as you want. Cut a cross in the roof to let any steam escape.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 42 29

Step 11

To ensure the pie is golden and crisp when it bakes, brush it with a beaten egg. Bake in a 180c oven for about 25 minutes or until golden.

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 42 42

Step 12

Tuck in!

Screen  Shot 2016 01 04 At 22 36 21

Stuff being healthy in January! Serve with a pile of buttered mash and the obligatory mushy peas.

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