Anything Is Possible In Dubai: Tell Your Story For Your Chance To STAR In A Web Series


Dubai is a rich place to live – financially and culturally. It’s a place where odds are defied, where the impossible becomes possible, the tallest towers go taller than ever before – the buildings defy the laws of physics and the people overcome odds of all kinds. 

It’s a place where people’s determination and willing shines through and we want to hear the stories of it. 

We want to hear the stories of people who have built something out of nothing. 

We want the stories of people who faced difficulties, but persevered, and won out. 

We want to hear about how you struggled, but made it. 

And we want to feature it on a new web series 

Telling the stories of Dubai and its people – the people who make the city what it is, and have made it, in their own way. 

The series will be released during Ramadan, and you could be the star. 

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You don’t have to be financially rich

But how are you rich? Tell us. 

If you are rich in love, because of some success – tell us. 

The small business owner who pours their blood, sweat and tears into it, until one day, the outlet has become a staple of Dubai life. 

The person who wasn’t physically able to walk up stairs, successfully changing their life. 

You can nominate someone else, or you can of course, tell your own story. But we want to hear it. 

Fill in the form below, in your own words. Your story should be at least 50 words. 

Those selected will be invited to work with our team to shoot and tell your story. 

Shooting will be between April 28-May 15. 

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