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Sheikh Mohammed Rescued A Stranded Cyclist In the Desert And She Was In Total Shock

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Yesterday we received this story and it couldn’t but be shared.

When you hear a story about the kindness of strangers, it warms your heart. When that stranger happens to be HH Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, it makes you proud of the man who runs this country. 

It’s hilarious while making you melt all-in-one. Read till the end…

The story is about three cyclists who ventured out in Al Qudra for an evening ride

“It was on an ordinary Tuesday last November when my friends Linda, Brenda and I decided to head to Al Qudra for a casual 50k cycle.

We arrived at the track, hired our bikes, helmets and lights for after sunset, and with a backpack containing a bottle of water and an iPhone with 20% battery, we set off on our adventure, having no idea how exhausted and excited we would be upon our return.

The first part of our journey was problem free, we were cycling side by side, enjoying chatting and catching up on each other’s news. We were pleased to see the 10k sign as the sun set and were now cycling in the dark. Upon reflection, cycling side by side in the dark whilst non stop chatting, probably wasn’t the best idea for someone who lacks strong co-ordination skills. Soon enough, I found myself veering off the track, onto the sand and falling off my bike! I shouted to the girls “Don’t stop I’ll catch up!” I quickly realised the chain had come off and I wouldn’t be catching up any time soon. My friends hurried back and together we tried to fix it but it was so tangled we had no success.”

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“At this point I started to panic’ 10km into the desert, battery low and the bike shop not answering

“At this point I started to panic, it was dark, we were 10k into the desert, the bike rental store was not answering the phone and to top it all off I was the only one with a phone, which was about to run out of battery. I fought back the tears thinking of the 6 mile walk back the way I had just cycled.

Minutes later, we saw a few men on bikes and the headlights of a car coming towards us and we waved our arms in gesture for them to stop. In an instant we had an entourage of men wearing Kandora’s surrounding us, asking if we were okay and handing us bottles of water. I asked if they had tools and were able to fix my bike, another man appeared with a huge spotlight and shone it on the bike which was now surrounded by men with tools. Amongst all of the commotion I had caused with this twisted chain, I failed to take in my surroundings and realise who was stood metres away.”

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The girls were in shock, and the meeting was a blur…Sheikh Mohammed, ‘Do you come here often?”

“Then I heard Brenda say “Do I know you?” to one of the men on the bikes… “I do know you, you’re famous aren’t you?” I then looked towards her and realised just as she said “You’re Sheikh Mohammed aren’t you?”

The next few minutes were a bit of an excited blur but I do remember the following:
– I genuinely said to Sheikh Mohammed “Do you come here often?” to which he responded that he does and he enjoys being outside, cycling and running when the weather is cooler.
– Linda had the courage to ask if we could have a photo with him and she very nearly put her arm around him when we were lining up for the picture. The man with the huge spotlight came in very handy again at this point.
– Finally, the bike was fixed, we were all handed energy drinks and said our thanks and goodbyes. 

We cycled the next 40k on a huge high and kept replaying over the night’s events, very excited to share the news with our friends and family when we reached the end of the track.”

“A story we will never forget”

Thanks to Sheikh Mohammed and his team for coming to our rescue and for giving us a brilliant story which we will never forget.

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