Dubai Opens FREE COVID-19 Drive-Through Test Centre


Dubai Opens FREE COVID-19 Drive-Through Test Centre

It’s in Al Nasr, it’s open daily from 8am to 6.30pm and both nationals and expats are welcome. The five-minute test is FREE and you don’t even need to leave your car, how cool is that?! You must register with Dubai Health Authority before you go and you can expect your results within 48 hours.

Take note: The centre caters to senior citizens; pregnant women; people of determination; people with chronic diseases; and people with COVID-19 symptoms and can manage 250 tests a day.

Dubai has free COVID-19 test centres and you don’t need to leave your car

There are reportedly 3 screening centres like this in Dubai

You must register online before you go and remember you also need a movement permit

LISTEN: COVID-19: General Public Should Not Leave Home Without This Permit

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