A Garden In The Sky Got Unveiled At EXPO And It Looks SO SLICK


A Garden In The Sky Got Unveiled At EXPO And It Looks SO SLICK

Prepare to keep your jaw on the floor for the duration of EXPO 2020, exciting structures and installations are slowly being revealed and this one looks incredible!

The Garden in the Sky promises the ultimate EXPO 2020 bird’s eye view. The garden sits pretty 22 meters above ground, it’s a ‘flying park’ and offers 360-degree views of the 4.38 sqm Expo 2020 Dubai site

When you visit the Sky Garden at EXPO 2020 the cabins will rotate as you ascend and descend – how cool is that?!

Jubilee Park is home to food outlets and large-scale art installations and should be number one on your EXPO bucket list

There you’ll find the 360-degree water feature, the world souq and Rashid’s Playground, an ocean-themed adventure inspired by the imagination and
underwater exploits of Expo 2020 mascot Rashid – FUN!

You’ll also find the Sky Garden in Jubilee Park. It’s lined with 10 Peltophorum Inerme trees and linked by stairs to the air-conditioned lower floor. Also known as yellow flame trees, Peltophorum Inerme are well adapted to the UAE’s hot and arid climate, a recognisable tree on many streets and in many parks across the city.

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Expo 2020 Dubai is the next world fair to exhibit international designs that highlight the technological achievements of countries around the world.

This six-month-long event will showcase tech that emphasises three vital themes: Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. And true to the theme, Dubai has created a humongous venue that was created using sustainable material and was made with the goal of reusing the assets after the event.

Dubai will welcome over 190 countries, where each country will host individual Pavilions that will represent their culture and their innovations! The expo will host technology of the future from the best in the world!

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