Humidity Shoots Up To 90% In The UAE Today


Humidity Shoots Up To 90% In The UAE Today

No, you didn’t forget your deodorant, that’s UAE humidity creeping down your back and she’s here to stay.

The ‘official‘ UAE summer kicked off on June 7, and today sees humidity reach a shuddering 90%.

The temperature will range between 30C and 41C but with humidity circling at 90%, it will feel like a hit you in the face, can’t believe it’s not a hairdryer, type heat.

The NCSM also reported, unsurprisingly, that it will be mostly sunny today

The LOWEST temp recorded so far today is 23.3C in Al Ain

Here are the expected highs and lows throughout the UAE

The NCMS also shared a fog alert for today

Current emotional status


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The UAE’s largest telecom operator, Etisalat has just become a whole lot more stringent with late payments.

Now if you’re late with your end of month phone bill payments, then Etisalat will instantly suspend its telecom services and charge you a fee for reconnection of its services.

The reconnection fee will mount to AED26.25 (inclusive of VAT).

UAE residents are given till the 15th of every month to make their payments for the telecom services

The due date to make the payments may be the 15th of every month, but Etisalat makes the complete postpaid bill available on their app and shoots customers a copy via email on the first day of every month.

It’s important to note that timely bill payments add to maintaining a good credit score in the long run.

Customers have the option to register their credit/debit card for Etisalat’s auto-pay service, which automatically deducts your bill amount at the end of each month.


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