Imagine Dubai As A Lush Green Jungle

Anika Eliz Baby

We live in a city that invites talent from all around the world. Dubai is home to several artists who can never deny that the city has been a muse for them in countless ways.

Over the year there have been countless renditions of the Dubai city landscape- unique interpretations by different artists.

Aymane Guazlen @aymane_guezlane, a graphic and motion designer based in Dubai has reimagined one of the world’s most beautiful buildings as a jungle.

The Museum of The Future is still just as beautiful! – no surprise there. He posted it with the caption, “When nature takes over the future.” 


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This is not the first reimagination of Dubai!

Check out Jyo John Mulloo, who reimagined Dubai as Pandora- The World of Avatar or when he imagined Dubai as a snowy winter wonderland! 

or This Father Who Imagined A HUGE Origami Project In Dubai For His Daughter In Dubai

Dubai is clearly served as an inspiration for many- and we love to see it.



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