Some UAE Airlines Have Stopped Flights To Israel


Etihad has temporarily halted some flights to Israel because of the ongoing hostilities.

The violence intensified on Saturday, with repeated airstrikes on Gaza city, this was following a proposed ceasefire on Friday night which was not upheld. Two Etihad flights starting today, from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv are the first to be canceled, while UAE officials, along with America and Egypt call for peace.

Etihad is monitoring the situation in Israel and continues to maintain close contact with authorities and security intelligence providers.

Etihad cuts flights to Tel Aviv temporarily amid ongoing violence


Etihad, FlyDubai, and other international airlines have cut flights or altered routes to Israel as the situation continues to deteriorate

The UAE expresses condolences to victims of the violence, HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation expressed the UAE’s concern over the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine and offered condolences to all victims of the recent fighting, according to Emirates News Agency

The UAE encourages leadership to work towards a de-escalation of tensions

The UAE is alarmed by the escalating spiral of violence in Israel and Palestine. We express our condolences to all victims of the recent fighting and join others in calling for an immediate cessation of violence and hostilities. The UAE calls on all parties to take immediate steps to commit to a ceasefire, initiate a political dialogue, and exercise maximum restraint.


The events of the past week have been a sombre reminder of the urgent need for peaceful dialogue and reconciliation. We reflect on the promise that the Abraham Accords hold for current and future generations, to live with their neighbours in peace, dignity and prosperity.

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The UAE, its people, and rulers have been extending its solidarity to India as it currently battles the second wave of COVID-19.

It had recently been announced that flights between the UAE and India would be suspended to avoid the further spread of the virus, extending the suspension until May 14. 

This was due to the second COVID-19 wave in India that drove new cases to reach over 300,000 in 24 hours.


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